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A wholly owned subsidiary of:

Volunteers Without Boundaries

Proceeds go to Charity: Volunteers Without Boundaries (in a new window)
founded by Mary Lightfine and her husband, DBH3 runner: Indiana.
I, Gilligan, am also on the board of directors.

Made by 3D Printing Technology

Products - Jewelry: Feet Earrings Foot Pendant Heart Pendant Musical Notes Pirate Swords Sailboat Pendant / Earrings Vote Earrings
Products - Playing Cards: Beer Candy Christian Medical Planets Running Sailing Sports

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We currently offer Six Jewelry products:
Name Foot Earrings,   Name Foot Pendant,   Name Heart Pendant,   Name Musical Note Earrings,
Name Sailboat Pendant / Earrings,   and   Name Pirate Sword Earrings

Wire Style Sterling Silver feet Ear Rings

Matte Finish
Click for Styles and Finishes and to order Feet Earrings

NOTE: The image is a simulation.

Stainless Steel - Bronze Glossy finish

stainless steel name foot
Click for Styles and Finishes and to order Feet

Stainless Steel - Gold Glossy finish

SS Heart
Click for Styles and Finishes and to order Hearts

Sterling Silver Finish


Also available without text
Click for Styles and Finishes
and to order Musical Note Earrings

Sterling Silver Finish

Up Wind
Starboard Tack     Starboard Tack
Up Wind             Down Wind
Click for Styles and Finishes and to order Sailboats

Red Plastic Finish


Click for Styles and Finishes
and to order Sword Earrings and Pins

Items are available in several materials: Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver, and Plastics.
Different materials have various finish options: Gold, Bronze, Glossy, Matte, and various colors.
Click the image of the item for the perticular options available.

In Development:  Ocean Deck Key to NOLA

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Shipping: $6.50 per ORDER
(USA, Canada)
(click for others - in new window)

Florida Sales tax added for FL
Buy Several! NO Shipping!

(Otherwise it's about $5/deck)

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by Our Supplier

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