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Personalized Jewelry

A wholly owned subsidiary of:

Volunteers Without Boundaries

Proceeds go to Charity: Volunteers Without Boundaries (in a new window)
founded by Mary Lightfine and her husband, DBH3 runner: Indiana.
I, Gilligan, am also on the board of directors.

Made by 3D Printing Technology

Products - Jewelry: Feet Earrings Foot Pendant Heart Pendant Musical Notes Pirate Swords Sailboat Pendant / Earrings Vote Earrings
Products - Playing Cards: Beer Candy Christian Medical Planets Running Sailing Sports

Gifts I made for my parents 60 year Anniversary

The Faces Goblet is just under Three inches tall.

The Goblet is a bit larger than life size, on my monitor.

The Heart is two inches across.

The Heart is a bit smaller than life size, on my monitor.

Why did I start: GilligoniaTM?

I wanted to make a unique gift for my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary, something you could not buy.

I was inspired by my brothers gift for their 50th Anniversary. He carved a chain of eleven rings from a solid block of wood.

My initial idea was to turn the Face Goblet on a lathe. When I was a teenager, I had turned a profile of my godfather, with the face pointing out. I thought that I'd try it the face pointing in. I no longer had that lathe, as I had given it to my brother. I had not used it for many years. I guess I had more fun building that lathe, than actually using it.

I contacted a friend who had a lathe and discussed my face goblet idea. He said that he had tried that a few years ago, and it didn't look as good as he had hoped it would.

Eventually, I came up with the Face Goblet idea shown above. I thought it was such a cool idea, figured I could probably sell it to other people! So, I started: GilligoniaTM to do just that!

Unfortunately, the Face Goblet, with YOUR FACE on it, is not yet available! Currently, there is too much manual labor involved. I'm working on software to reduce it to a manageable amount. Check Out my other Products!

Gillie aka Gilligan

Why GilligoniaTM?

My friends have been calling me Gilligan, sometimes Gillie or Gill, since 1989, when I broke my sailboat a couple of times.

I never considered using Gilligan, as that gives way too many web hits for that dude on the island. The initial name I wanted to use was "Gillie's Gifts". While trying to get a trademark for that, we discovered some other trademarks with "Gilly Something". My trademark attorney advised that sounded too similar. So, We changed the name to "Gifts By Gillie". The owner of one of the the "Gilly Something"'s trademark apparently thinks it owns any usage of "Gillie". While my attorney thinks their claim is weak, we are a very small charity, and do not have the resources to fight a very large company.

Since I already had my "G" logo for nearly a year, I preferred to find words that began with "G", so I could still use it with some minor changes.

In Development:  Ocean Deck Key to NOLA

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