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A wholly owned subsidiary of:

Volunteers Without Boundaries

Proceeds go to Charity: Volunteers Without Boundaries (in a new window)
founded by Mary Lightfine and her husband, DBH3 runner: Indiana.
I, Gilligan, am also on the board of directors.

Made by 3D Printing Technology

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Plastic Ocean Deck Foot Pin or Earrings!

the "Ocean Deck" is a restaurant in Daytona Beach, FL

Plastic two
line name foot Plastic two
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Plastic two
line name foot Plastic Earring

In Development:  Ocean Deck Key to NOLA

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Shipping: $6.50 per ORDER
(USA, Canada)
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Florida Sales tax added for FL
Buy Several! NO Shipping!

(Otherwise it's about $5/deck)

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by Our Supplier

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