Why your Browser's Bookmark* or Favorite* Function WON'T WORK.


* Bookmark <==> Favorite - Two words browsers use for the same function

***** NEWS Flash! I NOW have my own SSL certificates! *****

My secure domains are: "" and ""

In early 2009, I purchased my own SSL certificates, because I found a very inexpensive source. Now that this change is complete, your browsers' Bookmark or Favorite function WILL WORK as you expect for many of my web pages. Some intermediate pages, still won't bookmark correctly. Basically, if you USED a password to get to one of my web pages, bookmarks STILL WON'T WORK! The actual login page, will work, though.

Bad bookmarks will end with either: "/" or "/". Good bookmarks have a question mark and a bunch of other stuff after the "/" or "/" . . . . examples below:

For all SSL URLs starting with: "" or ""
a BAD Bookmark ends with: "/" or "/".
a GOOD Bookmark ends with: "/" or "/".

ALL non-SSL URLs starting with "http://" are GOOD Bookmarks! (these always worked)

Having my own SSL certificates allows me to eliminate the majority of the "Malformed URL" error messages that were generated in these cases.

***** end News Flash *****

For enhanced reliability, this web site now runs on TWO DIFFERENT web host companies! The two web host companies are in different states, so not even hurricanes, earthquakes, or volcanos will knock both of them out at the same time! When one web host fails, all of your requests will be automatically switched to the working host.

(This paragraph is no longer applicable)
If you use your Browser's Bookmark function, you will create a bookmark for ONE of two web hosts. If that particular web host is down when you try to use it, the link WILL FAIL. If I change web hosts, because it is unreliable (I just did this see History, below), the link WILL FAIL. When you use the Bookmark suggested at the bottom of these web pages, you will be taken AUTOMATICALLY to the working web host.

QUESTION: "Why isn't the automatic URL ALWAYS in the browser's location bar?"

ANSWER: Because I use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for all of the web pages which collect YOUR PERSONAL information: name, address, etc. I use SSL, so that YOUR PERSONAL information is ENCRYPTED when it is transmitted over the Internet. This makes it much more difficult for hackers to get your information. This is the same technology that other web sites use to protect your credit card and other information.

(This paragraph is no longer applicable)
To save cost, I am sharing the SSL certificate of each web host. I could buy my own SSL certificate, but that is not cheap. It would likely double the cost, AGAIN, to run my web site. I don't actually make any money from this web site, and I already just doubled it to make it more reliable.

Many of these Web Pages SHOULD NOT be BOOKMARKED!

The On-Line Registration application and Calendar application have a number of intermediate steps that SHOULD NOT be BOOKMARKED! Jumping into the middle of a sequence, will not work correctly! Basically, if you need to login to get to a page, you can't bookmark that page. These pages have the following logo on them.

No BookMark

Don't "Bookmark" or "Favorite" this page!

No BookMark

For most of the pages that should not be bookmarked, I replaced the "Malformed URL" error message with a link to the login page.

A few of these Web Pages CAN BE BOOKMARKED!

The On-Line Registration application and Calendar application have a few START pages that CAN BE BOOKMARKED! These pages have the following logo on them.


to bookmark this page: RIGHT click
and select: "Add to Favorites..."
or perhaps: "Bookmark This Link"


NOTE: your Browser's:
"Bookmark" or "Favorite" Function
WON'T WORK for this site!

 Bookmark <==> Favorite - Two words browsers use for the same function

NOTE: while the bookmark procedure in the green box above, is optional in MANY cases, it still generates the preferred bookmark.

Other Web Pages on this site work normally

If neither of the above logos appear on a web page, your normal browser bookmark function should work just fine.

info to Fix your Old Malformed Bookmarks, Click HERE! info

crying History crying

2007-Jun: Many of you are aware that in December 2006 and January 2007, my web pages were down for a few days. But, even worse, my email was down for over ONE WEEK in December and nearly one week in January. I don't know about you, but that SUCKED for me! Having two web hosts about doubled the cost of running my web sites, but I think it's worth it!

Update 2008-Oct: In September, several of my users reported that my site was down. I checked and discovered that one of my current web hosts, Host Monster has failed to meet their uptime guarantee for 16 of the last 18 months! I deactivated them and activated Downtownhost, which had been and is currently working just fine. I am currently searching for a new web host to replace them.

Update 2009-Mar: While still trying to get my new host, ICDSoft configured and tested, Downtownhost, which had been very good, went completely out to lunch. Their support went from Awesome to Atrocious! I put in a support ticket Feb 25 to fix their expired shared SSL certificate. It is now Mar 19, and it is still broken! They did not respond ONCE to that ticket. Their computer system automatically closes tickets after no response for 48 hours. I kept reopening it, and asking them to fix the problem. I wrote several other tickets, relating to this one. I called their support phone number three times, no action. They did respond to one of the tickets, he apologized and said he was out of town for over a week and would get to it the next day. A week later and still nothing! I get bored sending tickets to a black hole!

Update 2009-Jun: I now have two different web hosts than I had when this year started. The new web hosts are ICDSoft and Host Gator. I hope they are more reliable than the last two. I also now have my own SSL certificates for these domains: "" and "". The SSL certificates allowed me to remove most of the dreaded "Malformed URL" error messages from my web site. Also, your browser's "Favorite" or "Bookmark" function works the way you expect for all but a few of my web pages.

How I found my Web Hosts


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